Instances and Checker

There were a number of instance sets used used during the challenge, one sample set, one for public leaderboard evaluation, and a final set of instances for final evaluation with new price data. The instances range in size from 200 tasks, 10 machines to the largest which has 5000 tasks, 100 machines, and 4 resources.

Download the 50 public leaderboard instances.
Download the 50 public leaderboard instances, including actuals price data.
Download the 50 final evaluation instances, including actuals price data.
Download the price forecast training data.

Some smaller sample instances are also available:
Download the sample instances.

Updated 2014/06/17: Fixed issue with invalid task durations.
Updated 2014/09/15: Added final evaluation instances and re-release public leaderboard instances with actuals prices data.


Your solver should output its solution to solution.txt in the same folder as the instance data. The checker will verify that it follows the specification and does not violate any constraints of the model. It will also print the energy cost using the available forecasted price data and with the actual price data if available.

Usage: python ./pathtoinstancefolder

Download the checker.

Updated 2014/07/03 (v1.1): Gracefully capture some malformed solution input.